Friday, January 30, 2009

Doggie Game

Several years ago, when my black cocker spaniel mix, Coral, was a puppy, I baby-sat another six months older puppy, Alexa, a husky mix, for few days.

When my friend first got Alexa, about seven months before I got Coral, I used to take her out for walks daily after work for about three months since my friend worked overtime. Hence, Alexa was already familiar with me.

While baby-sitting Alexa at my home with Coral, daily, taking them out for walks was a bit hassle with them pulling in different directions, but somehow I managed... with gritted teeth.

In spite of that, I still enjoyed their company and the camaderie, like one who have kids at home.

They played, slept together, and walked together. The puppies were slowly becoming "friends".

One evening, I relaxed on the sofa in the living room and watched TV, leaving the puppies to play among themselves.

Suddenly, I felt some vibration and the corner of my eye caught them running.

Craning my neck towards the dining room, I saw they were running around the dining table.

After watching them for five minutes, I then realized, to my astonishment, that they were playing "tag" like children do, with one chasing the other and touching it with its nose, and then the tagged puppy gave chase!