Thursday, October 16, 2008

History repeats itself...

Regarding this new post, please refer to my previous blog about my sister's birth when I was four years old, please click on this link: "WowALiveDoll!"

When my sister and her husband first announced their pregnancy, my mother was quite ecsastic as it would be her first grandchild.

She practically called everyone that she knew, including distant relatives, of the news.

Since my brother-in-law worked abroad, in the third country, his job policy required my sister to give birth in the U.S., for safety & security reasons. So, three months prior to the birth, my sister came to U.S. and stayed with my mother.

During this time, my mother enthusiastically helped my sister in making preparations for the baby's arrival.

Since my mother had only one car, a family friend kindly offered one of the cars to my sister so that she could run errands while my mother was at work.

However, due to her late age and for some unknown reason, my sister was rushed to the hospital because of her high blood level.

Upon examination, the doctor ordered an early birth, which was about three weeks, and induced the labor.

My sister gave birth to a baby boy. Although the baby was tiny, he was quite healthy in every aspect as a preemie. However, my sister had to stay in the hospital for few more days due to some unexpected afterbirth health problems.

My brother-in-law could not arrive from abroad until about two days later when he was able to get ahold of a last-minute flight.

During this time, my mother visited the hospital daily.

Upon entering my sister's room each time, my mother immediately made a bee-line to see the baby, not even bothering to say "hi" to my sister.

"Honey, I'm shrinking...!"

My sister, an Asian Indian, married an American, Ben, whom she met in Peace Corps in Africa several years ago. They were friends for about seven years before deciding to move their relationship to the next level.

Two years later, their wedding was a nice combination of Indian and American styles, even including the reception dinners.

They lived abroad, moving from country to country every a couple of years due to Ben's job.

Three years after the wedding, they had a nice announcement: a baby.

Few months later, to update the family, my sister took photos of Ben playing with the baby which she posted on the Internet. In one of the photos, the baby was lying down on a quilt with the "playground" of toys hanging above the baby. Ben was lying beside the baby, looking at the toys as well.

Below the photo, my sister typed a caption: "Dad in the land of the Lilliputians".