Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hold on your pants

In the summer of my sophomore year at Gallaudet, I got an internship as a teacher's assistant for eleventh grade at a school for the deaf. There were two other interns who also were from Gallaudet whom I never met. By the end of the internship, we all became good friends.

One of the intern, Jess, was also a teacher's assistant for tenth graders.

This was, and still, is, an era where fashion for youngsters is low-waisted jeans.

During a field trip to a zoo, on the bus I was sitting behind Jess when she turned and told me this.

She said when a student asked her to do something, Jess told him,"Ok but hold on your pants", meaning to wait few seconds or minutes.

The student, obviously not understanding the 'hearing phrase', commented, "Oh no, my pants is supposed to be like this."