Sunday, July 8, 2007

A New Moon

During two week Christmas vacation of my last semester at Gallaudet, my close friend, Cindy, and I flew to Minneapolis where we stayed at my aunt's house. We got together with five deaf friends from Gallaudet who were also visiting Minneapolis.

The New Year's Eve gathering was the most fun. We all spent the day and night at one of our friends', Aaron's, father's place. We played games, ordered pizza, watched movies. On the other days, Aaron joined Cindy and I to go shopping and "bar-hopping" at the Mall of America. Since Aaron was from Minneapolis, he took us on a tour as well.

On the last day, Aaron decided to fly back on the same plane to Gallaudet with Cindy and me. I sat by the window with Aaron next to me.

It was late at night when I looked out the window. The sky was clear and the stars were twinkling. Admiring the peaceful looking sky, I noticed a round bright moon that seemed so far away.

Beckoning to Aaron to look at the window, I said, "Isn't that a nice moon?"

Suddenly, I peered against the window. Puzzled, I asked Aaron, "How come that moon looks so small?"

Aaron then gently slapped the back of my head and replied, "That's NOT the moon, silly! It's a plane wing light!"