Monday, August 27, 2007

A cold shower is good for you

Even though we had one or two servants, they did not stay all day doing all the chores. My mother, a housewife, kept herself busy as well as taking care of me.

One afternoon, after lunch, when I was 1-1/2 years old, my exhausted mother, after putting me to sleep, decided to take a brief nap. (My sister was not yet born at that time and my father was at work.)

In no time, my mother was fast asleep, oblivious to everything around her.

About more than hour later, my mother suddenly opened her eyes. At this moment, she sensed something was not right. She realized that the house sounded quiet. In fact, the silence was deafening, pardon the pun. (I was usually noisy, since I was deaf, not understanding the concept of "quiet").

Noticing I was not in my bed, she quickly threw her covers and rushed around the flat, looking for me. Since she could not shout my name, she started to panic, not being able to find me.

She then happened to glance at the bathroom door. Water was seeping out of the door.

Panicking, she opened the bathroom door. Water gushed to the bedroom floor.

There I was, to my mother's dismay, in the corner of the bathroom floor, sitting under running cold water and shivering with my clothes all drenched.

(We did not have a bathtub in that flat and no shower "stall" either, although the bathroom floor had a drain in the center. The Indian custom to bathe was using a mug to dip in a filled bucket of half cold water from the bathroom tap and another half of boiled water from the stove. But, I apparently had turned on the cold water without a bucket, hence flooding the bathroom.)

It took her hours to mop all the water that was gushing everywhere.

Apparently, I had woken up and upon seeing my mother sleeping, got bored, thus getting myself into a mischief.