Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Court - Part II

I am back, after a long hiatus!

Although I felt quite relieved that the supposed lawsuit never came, I still worried about the upcoming hearing of my car accident which was booked one year later. Not a day went by without the thought of what would happen looming in my mind.

Meanwhile, I continued with my life, with work, friends, and family. With a help of friend, I took more pictures of the accident scene, preparing to argue with the court in my defense that I did not see the stop sign and I was driving slowly, within the speed limit.

Then the day finally came. I was jittery and nervous, feeling a huge rock pressuring on my shoulder. I could not even think about eating breakfast before going to the court.

Arriving at the same court, I proceeded to a room where my case would be held and waited.

This time, an interpreter showed up, to my half-disappointment.

One by one, the judge called each case.

At last, he called my case. The interpreter and I came forward.

The judge looked around and said, "Your officer who gave you the ticket is not here. He is at a funeral of another officer."

I held my breath.

After a moment of hesitation and looking at my case papers, he replied, "Normally I don't waive any cases that had to do with traffic violation other than speeding, but since you've come here twice, I will waive it. You're free to go".

With that said, I felt like a rock on my shoulder immediately crushing to pieces and never felt SO LIGHT! I heaved a big sigh of relief.

Nodding politely, I left the court. Suddenly, I was hungry and decided to treat myself to a nice lunch.

What miracle could happen twice?!