Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Night Owl

At the end of my sophomore year, while enrolling in summer classes at Gallaudet, I decided to work as a summer SRA (Student Resident Advisor). I picked 2nd shift work since it paid more.

Because it was during the summer-time, I was given my own dorm room and a share of the kitchen which was nice because I did not like the cafeteria food. During the day, after classes which only lasted at least three hours in the mornings, I did errands, watched soap opera (I was addicted that time), exercised, cooked, etc.

However, one weekend in August, we had a "visitor day". Every summer year, parents came to Gallaudet to ask questions about enrollment and other subjects for their deaf children. Hence, they needed a place to say. Since most dorms were empty, they paid to stay in them.

That meant some over-time work. My supervisor had a brief staff meeting prior to the "visitor day". I was picked to do a 3rd shift on Thursday, one week away. My schedule stated that my shift started at 12:30 am.

Since I was, and still am, a big fan of sleep, I decided to plan my schedule accordingly so I wouldn't feel too tired or sleepy.

One week later, friends invited me out on early Wednesday evening. Thinking that I would go to bed early after I returned so that I could start working the third shift on Thursday.

Walking and chatting along the street of DC on the way back to Gallaudet from my friend's apartment, I happened to mention that I needed to get a good sleep soon.

My friend asked me the date and time I was supposed to start working.

To my panic and dismay, she pointed out my error: 12:30 AM meant Thursday MORNING, not Thursday late NIGHT!

There wasn't enough time to get some sleep upon my return due to having to do some paperwork before I started my shift.

So I ended up with NO sleep for 24 hours which was H-A-R-D!