Sunday, March 30, 2008

Obedience vs Religion

One evening, after about a year after we moved to USA from India when I was nine, and my sister, five, my parents had to go out somewhere important for a brief time. With some hesistant decision, they quickly lectured me and my sister NOT to open the door to anyone until they returned.

Looking up at our parents' stern faces, we seriously nodded our heads and promised.

One hour later, while we were watching TV, there was a knock on the door.

Puzzled, putting the upper chain lock on the door, I opened it a bit to peek.

There were two older, seemingly nice, ladies standing on the top steps, smiling.

One of them said it was important that they talk to us about Jesus. I merely replied I could not let them in and they had to leave.

Undeterred, they insisted it was quite essential to our lives that they introduce Jesus to us.

I refused to budge, however my sister said she felt it looked okay to let them in as they seemed harmless. But I insisted NOT to let them in at all.

Defiantly, she looked at me, and said to open the door now.

Then the ladies acted as if they had "won" my sister over and inched closer to the door as if to say, "DO let us in... you won't be sorry!"

Looking back and forth at my sister and the ladies, with much reluctance, I slowly unlocked the chain and opened the door.

For about half an hour, they showed us brochures about Christianity and Jesus.

I anxiously nodded to their talk, while hoping that they'd leave soon before my parents returned.

Finally, to my relief, they got up from the sofa and proceeded towards the door.

As they were opening the door to go out, one of them turned, smiling, and said, "Don't ever open the door to strangers".