Sunday, March 23, 2008

The poor "orphan"

In high school, there was a hoh guy named Scott. He was quite tall, possibly 6' and a bit skinny. He was in two grades ahead of me. Although not that intelligent, he was quite a hard-working student, doing his best to graduate. He never got into trouble like most deaf guys in my school; instead he avoided most of us, roaming down the halls like a quiet and lonely spirit.

His mother died when he was young. His father eventually stopped caring about him and his older brother. As soon as his older brother became an adult, he moved out and became a guardian for Scott until he graduated.

There was hoh girl named Lisa. She and I rode the same school bus. Often, she would tell me how much she liked Scott but he seemed to not to notice her. Finally, in their senior year, Scott mustered courage to ask Lisa to the prom. Lisa said he was such a gentleman and she had a good time.

After graduation, it seemed we heard the last of him. I am not sure if he did go to college but probably due to lack of money, he possibly got a job to support himself.

Two years later, he with his friends went bowling on a Saturday night. The son of one of the teachers for the "hearing-impaired" at my high school happened to be there with his own friends. Seeing Scott, he waved and nodded and went back to his bowling.

Finishing the bowling game, Scott and his friends piled up in the car. Scott sat in the back.

As the car was going up the ramp, getting ready to merge to the highway, suddenly a big truck came plowing. The car seemed not to have time to swerve.

And the truck crashed into the car, slicing the top half.

Everyone, including Scott, were instantly killed.

At the funeral, guess who finally showed up, after all these years?

His father.