Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doggie beau

My dog, Coral, is now 10 years old, even though she still looks and acts like a bouncy 4-year old. She is very sweet and loving dog that one could tell immediately upon meeting her. She wouldn't even harm a flea! My father who is not too fond of dogs, reluctantly admitted he liked her. On our walks, people including children would usually immediately come over to pat her, rarely asking me for permission.

When she was a puppy, in order to ask me for something, she probably initially made some noises but upon seeing no response from me since I could not hear, she eventually learned to use her body language. For instance, if she wanted something, she would use her right paw to nudge my shoulder or gently lay her paw on my arm as a signal.

That time, when she was about 6 years old, I moved to a new apartment in a different state. One month later, I decided to invite four friends, who were couples, over for dinner.

After enjoying dinner, my friends and I chatted amicably. Although they were not dog-lovers, they accepted Coral sitting among them, though I kept a watchful eye on her.

One guy named Apu was sitting at the edge of the sofa when Coral suddenly came over and sat next to him. After a moment, she then pawed him gently, perhaps to indicate wanting some pats or a belly rub.

Apu looked at her and replied, "Sorry, I already have a girlfriend".