Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Follow your Intuition

In 11th grade, there was this deaf girl named Candy who did not have exactly the best reputation. Our "friendship" was mostly limited to interactions during school periods and bus rides, nothing more or less.

One day, about two hours after arriving home from school, I was watching TV when my grandmother said there was someone to see me at the door.

Puzzled and curious who it was, I walked up and was surprised to see Candy.

She was excited and wanted to show me a car that was parked outside. Warily, I walked outside with her.

It was a red, shiny sports car. In the driver's seat sat a boy that I had not met yet. Candy introduced me to Kenneth.

He looked a bit young. Suspiciously, I asked how old he was.

"Sixteen", was the reply.

I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt because I knew his older brother at my school who was not a troublemaker, as far as I knew.

I then asked whose car it was.

Kenneth claimed it belonged to his father and insisted he was simply borrowing it for a short ride.

After some prodding and pleading to go for a ride with them, I reluctantly gave in. But on one condition that Candy drive, not Kenneth.

Grudgingly, Kenneth gave up the driver's seat and scooched over to the passenger side. I hopped in the back, with some trepidation.

After ten minutes of "joy riding", my uneasy feeling grew stronger and stronger. Finally, I decided to put my "foot down", no pun intended.

I immediately insisted that I be dropped home ASAP. They looked at me as if I was a sissy but I did not care at all. I felt this extreme urging to be home RIGHT NOW!

Finally, they reluctantly dropped me off. Never was I so relieved to be back home and be "safe".

Prior to backing out of my driveway, Kenneth took over the driver's seat.

Few days later, I found out that right after they dropped me off, the police caught them for speeding, apparently. It turned out that Kenneth was only 14. And to top that, as if it was not enough, the sportscar was stolen!

Whew! If I hadn't followed my intuition, my name would have been dragged in the mud!

Always follow your intuition. It may avert danger, bring you some luck, or meet some fate.