Monday, May 28, 2007

Was my embarrassment in vain?

During my third year in college, I had an appointment at the college's clinic for some check-up before my next class. Prior to leaving, a good friend of mine stopped by briefly. She had just gotten married and was a part-time student, living off campus.

During the conversation, I happened to tell her that I was on my way to the clinic. My friend suddenly begged me to grab a bunch of condoms for her which were free. (Part-time students are excepted from this college medical insurance). I hesistated but she pleaded, saying money was so tight and would appreciate my help. Reluctantly, I gave in.

After my check-up was completed, I went to the bathroom to collect the condoms from a bowl. But, to my dismay, I was not thinking when I only brought my multi-folders. No purse, no bag, and even no pockets on my outfit. After some scanning around, I noticed one of my folders was empty so I stuffed them in and then proceeded to my class.

I arrived about five minutes late. The students were busy taking notes. I hastened to take a paper out of my folder and started writing.

Five minutes later, to my horror, like in a slow motion, I lost my balance and the whole folder flipped over .... to the floor with all the condoms scattered. My ears turned hot and beet red! I wished I could disappear into a big black hole and did not dare to look up. For whole few seconds, I stared at the floor, unbelieving this was happening to me. I then quickly picked up everything and resumed taking notes, not daring to look up during the whole class period.

Few years later, I told my friend, who was in the class with me that time, about this incident which seemed funny now. Expecting her to recall it and laugh with me, I was surprised by her reaction. "What are you talking about? I didn't notice anything and neither did anyone." They were engrossed in the lecture!

So, I was embarrassed for nothing?