Wednesday, June 6, 2007

April's Fool flummox

Like most new marriages, we started out on a tight budget and limited means. That meant no cable, for either TV or computer.

My husband had never met a deaf person until me. Into few months of our marriage, I was not sure how much he understood the limits of my deafness. (I am profoundly deaf whereas he is hard of hearing) So, on April's fools' day, I decided to play a trick on him.

He was sitting at a desk when I suddenly went to the phone (and TTY) nearby and quickly picked up the phone, dialed some number, and waited for it to ring.

Acting like a "hearing" person, I pretended to talk as if someone on the other line had answered. I
laughed and put my hand on my hip, continuing to chat with expressions showing on my face.

My husband stared at me for a moment and cracked up so hard. Then, he slowly ambled towards me. While intently looking into my eyes, he calmly took the phone handle from my hand, and hung up.

Not letting go of my act, I protested while surprised, "What are you doing? You hung up on my sister?!"

He, still looking at me, coolly replied, "How can you be on the phone when I am currently online?"