Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This doesn't even look like Lychee!

My husband and I met four years ago, through an Indian marriage website. Upon obtaining a Visa few months later, he came to the U.S. for the first time, in the middle of my move to another place.

At the new place, there were only few boxes and miscellaneous items. No furniture and even no food as the rest of my things were still at the old place.

On the first morning at the new place, as I got up, I noticed my husband had already woken due to jetlag. Walking on the way to the bathroom, I immediately spotted him standing by the kitchen, munching.

I stopped in my tracks and thought, "Hey, what on earth is he eating?? There's no food in the fridge and he does not even have any U.S. money!"

With a puzzle look on my face, I asked what he was eating. Holding a jar with a label, "Lychee gel cups" and something in his hand, my staunch vegetarian husband said, "What is this? This tastes funny." (Lychee is a tropical fruit with a thick red covering and inside is a white fruit that tastes sweet).

Trying not to laugh, I replied, with a solemn look on my face, "It is NOT Lychee. You are eating a dog biscuit!"