Friday, June 8, 2007

Someone else's bananas surely taste better!

My father told me this story when he visited us two years ago.

I was about one and half years old that time, in India, when my parents tried to coax me several times to eat a banana but to of no avail. They assumed I probably did not like it.

One day, we were going on some trip and took the train. At the train station, there was a couple standing near my parents. They had a bunch of bananas. Apparently, I saw them peeling one and suddenly stood before them, watching.

The couple thought I was probably hungry from the watchful stare I was giving them. They proceeded to hand me a half banana when my father quickly warned them that I did not like it, thus wasting it if I threw it down.

To my father's surprise, I took it and gulped it down and asked for more. They gave me the other half and I ate it quite fast as if it was so delicious.

My father said the episode made him look like a fool trying to warn them.