Saturday, June 9, 2007

Blonde VS Brunette

When my family moved to U.S. from India, I was forced to give up my toys, to my chagrin, especially my precious dolls, due to lack of suitcases space. My father had already moved to U.S. six months earlier. He telegrammed my mother, upon obtaining a job, to come here with me and my sister.

Most toys were given to the servants' children, and my dolls, to my cousin. Hugging my dolls, I politely asked my cousin to "look" after them.

Prior to moving, I asked my mother what America was like. She replied people there usually have different hair and eyes colors. Fascinated, I asked what colors. "Hair vary from black, red, brown, to blonde, and eyes, blue, green, hazel, brown, black, or violet."

Sounded quite like a rainbow! I could not wait to come here. I kept asking my mother when it was time to go. Sometime soon, she would often reply.

Arriving in the U.S., we stayed at my cousin's place where my
dad drove few hours to pick us up. He was already here few months earlier to search for a job and thus obtaining one.

Upon entering in our townhome-like apartment with a "Welcome home" sign on the door, that my dad made for us, I excitedly dashed to the bedroom that my sister and I would be sharing.

There were two twin beds, each set against the opposing walls. And on the top of each pillow, stood two dolls, as a surprise gift from my dad.

Both dolls' faces and height looked identical except one was "tomboy", and the other one, "feminine". The tomboy one had dark brown hair, brown eyes and had on a blouse and pants, while the feminine one was blonde and had blue eyes, with a dress.

Guess which doll we fought over? :) Yep, the blonde

My mother told us to share or keep the blonde doll for a week before giving it to my sister and vice versa.

However, within two weeks, guess who kept the blonde doll after all?