Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Doggie Pizza

Few years ago, I lived alone in an apartment with my then 3-year old black cocker spaniel mix named Coral. After being adopted, Coral eventually became spoiled, expecting everything to be handed to her on a silver platter.

One evening, I came home from work, exhausted. So I decided to simply bake a frozen pizza for dinner instead of making a dish which would take some time.

After changing my clothes to more comfortable attire, I sat in my living room sofa and switched on the TV while waiting for the pizza.

I became transfixed with a program on TV for few minutes. Suddenly I realized I had not seen Coral around. She usually sits with me or sometimes on the carpet, facing me.

I quickly got up and looked for Coral. When I looked in the kitchen, I laughed.

There Coral was, patiently sitting right in front of the oven, waiting for the pizza to come out.