Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's refreshing to sleep with someone else for a change

During Coral's first few years, my mother often received e-mails from me on Coral's antics as well as commenting on her intelligence. She became eager to see for herself when she visited me one weekend.

I lived in an one bedroom apartment with Coral then. Any overnight visitors I had would usually either sleep on the sofa or on the carpet with blankets/sleeping bag.

One of the stories I had told my mother related to Coral's intelligence: Whenever at night, I was ready to go to bed, I would say to Coral, "It's time for doggie bed-time". As soon as I switched off the living room light, Coral would immediately dash off to my bed.

Even though my mother had grown up with German Shepherds, they hardly stayed indoors. She was and still is fussy about having dogs in the house, due to hair shedding and dirty paws on the floor/carpet, not to mention sitting on the furniture.

Coral started sleeping with me since she was 1-1/2 years old when she was completely housebroken. It helps to have her sleep with me at times as I could tell whether she was barking or acting strangely. Being alone, I felt safe knowing she would provide "ears" for me.

One evening of my mother's visit, I made preparations for her bedding in the living room. My mother was curious to see how Coral acted when I switched off the light.

With us both standing by the halogen lamp in the living room and Coral sitting between us, looking up at my mother, I switched off the lamp and said it was doggie bed-time.

To our surprise, Coral did not budge; she still looked up at my mother, with her tail wagging.

"Why isn't she going off to the bedroom?" my mother asked, puzzled.

I replied, "She wants to sleep with you tonight instead."