Saturday, June 30, 2007

I prefer just the two of us

Coral was 5-1/2 years old when my husband moved to the U.S. Prior to that, we mostly lived alone. As a result, Coral became attached to me. When I had dates over, Coral always greeted them quite eagerly.

However, when my husband arrived to our new place, within few days of picking up Coral from the baby-sitter, Coral refused to greet him. Perhaps she did not like the idea of having to share me with him, besides having to adjust to a new place.

After two months, her action was quite obvious in showing her 'distaste' towards him, even though she would ask him, from time to time, to pat her.

Coral was sitting next to me on the sofa, pawing my shoulder to take her out. My husband quickly offered, hoping to create a bond with her. He walked towards the front door and opened it. He beckoned Coral to go.

Coral sat there, looking straight ahead, and refused to budge. After five minutes of useless coaxing, my husband went back to his seat on the adjacent sofa.

Testing Coral, I got up and calmly ambled towards the door. I then beckoned to her.

Upon the door opening, she suddenly dashed off.

Dogs do sense things happening around them, especially changes. I am sure she figured out that my husband would be living permanently with us, not merely visiting.