Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sixth Sense

My maternal grandmother is quite known for her sixth sense. Everyone took it for granted what she said all those years except my uncle, my mother's brother.

My uncle was a doctor (retired now). Doctors, scientists, and mathematicians tend to have "linear" thinking. As a result they do not believe in anything supernatural; tangible evidence are quite important to them.

Several years ago, my grandmother got a ticket to fly to India for few months for the summer time. She was to fly together with my uncle and his family.

However, few days before the departure, she had a dream. She dreamt that a plane crashed into the ocean. This repeated at least two or three times.

Scared, she told my uncle she was not going to India.

"Rubbish!", scoffed my uncle. "You're going with us!"

She tried insisting she was not going but with my uncle's strong personality, she finally gave in but with much trepidation.

Yet the flight to India went smoothly.

"See I told you! Nothing happened!", crowed my uncle.

But after they got off, new passengers boarded this plane. And the plane then crashed into the ocean.