Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Seeing double

Ever since I went to Gallaudet, I mostly stopped wearing make-up, except for special evenings out, occasions, etc. Aside from job interview and first few days at work as well as having a photo I.D. taken, I don't usually put on make-up to work.

I prefer having my face "skin" to breathe more freely than having a gunk of stuff covering every pore of my skin. After a whole day, my face often turns oily, to my discernment. I felt it takes too much time and hassle to put on and take off make-up daily.

Isn't being 'natural' a beauty though? :)

Few years ago, my sister graduated with a Masters degree. My family came up from the south to attend the graduation ceremony. Accomodating to modern times and the FAA law as well, her college provided me with an interpreter which was nice.

My work is about 5-minute walk to the metro station whereas one of my earlier homes was not. On the day of my sister's graduation, I took a half day off and went home by metro.

My father and stepmother were staying with me while my mother stayed at my sister's place nearby. After we all got dressed, I took my car to my work and parked in the garage of my work-place (I had borrowed my co-worker's parking permit). Then we all took the metro to my sister's college in downtown.

After I had parked my car in the garage, I walked up to my work lobby and went out the revolving door. It was during my work's lunch time so several co-workers were sitting outside on the benches due to nice weather.

I was wearing a skimpy short sleeveless dress (YEP, I was thin that time!) and well-put make-up. My shoulder-length hair which was usually put up in either ponytail or barette, was let down, flowing to the wind.

Walking breezily past my co-workers, including Cheryl, who stared agaped at me, I briefly smiled and joined my father & stepmother, who were waiting in my work courtyard, to the metro station.

The next morning, I was walking down the aisle at my work, when Cheryl suddenly stopped me.
She started raving about a lady whom she saw yesterday afternoon who looked like as if she stepped out of a Vogue magazine.

Feeling flattered that she was obviously talking about me, I nodded and was about to say thank you when she asked me a question.

"Do you have a twin sister?"