Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Fourth Car

The third car, 1981 white Chrysler, that my dad surprised me lasted for six years. It was the longest of all 10 cars that I ever kept.

Two years after I attended Gallaudet, the car eventually deteriorated to the point that it was no longer good for long-distance driving. So I sold it to my mother's neighbor who was a mechanic. He fixed, repainted the car, and re-sold it for his profit.

After graduation from Gallaudet, with my saved money from my previous job prior to attending Gallaudet, I bought an used 1987 Toyota Tercel.

Unlike my other three cars, this one was a stick-shift. I did not know how to drive stick, yet I bought one and had a friend drive it home for me. I thought it would be exciting to drive stick.

During summer-time, while staying at my mother's as I was looking for a permanent job, I had a friend teach me how to drive stick. Within two months, I managed to drive stick successfully.

One month later, I finally obtained a job out of state. My sister let me stay at her place for free for few months until I got some money saved up to get my own place. She traveled frequently almost every week so it felt like I was living on my own.

My new job required traveling to sites, so a car was needed. Soon enough, my old car started to accumulate mileage. One month, after obtaining my job, my friends wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday.

After work, I picked up my two girlfriends from Gallaudet and proceeded to a restaurant to meet other friends who were waiting for us.

Bubbling with enthusiasm, we all chatted amicably
while I drove, occasionally looking in the rearview mirror at my friend signing. I was not driving fast, but at a comfortable pace, still paying attention to the road.

Suddenly, my friend screamed at me to stop. Somehow, I had overlooked a stop sign at an intersection that was recently put there.

Before I could blink my eye and react, a car passed across the intersection from the adjacent side at the same time!

I quickly swerved, however hit the edge of the car. But instead of coming to a stop on a shoulder, I saw a lamp post looming over me.

There was absolutely no time to do anything.

I slammed my eyes shut, knowing the inevitable was going to happen.

C - R - A - S - H !!!!!

My girlfriends and I were fortunately not injured at all except for a mild whiplash.

My car was totaled. I only had it for three months.

To be continued...