Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The next two cars

(Continued from previous post)
The police and the ambulance arrived.

A policeman shook his head and gave me the ticket for running through the stop sign.

Even though we three girls only had mild whiplash, the ambulance EMTs insisted we go to the hospital for check-ups in case. Our friends who waited at the restaurant somehow got a message from someone what was happening and met us at the hospital.

I kept trying telling the nurse I was fine, she was adamant that I stay overnight along with the other girls. The next morning, we all three were lying in one room, waiting and waiting for hours for the doctor who did not bother to check on us after the initial check-up.

Meanwhile, Cindy, one of the girls, commented she noticed that of all three machines that were attached to our arms, my heart rate seemed the calmest. I was surprised at myself.

After arguing with the nurse, the nurse finally brought us the TTY to call family/friends. I called a friend, who I was supposedly dating at that time, to see if he could pick and drop us home. When I told him what happened, all he said was, "I have to go to the meeting." That was the end of the dating game with him.

Cindy managed to ask one of her friends at Gallaudet who had a car (I did not know any friends that time who had a car as most of my friends were still Gallaudet students for another year or two).

My mother came the next day. Taking few days off from work, I went to N.C. with her to look for another used car. Almost of my savings were gone but I managed to scrape some and bought a 1986 Toyota Celica, also stick-shift.

Unfortunately, this car had so many problems that would give one a headache and ulcer. I was still living with my sister and my job was about an hour drive. This time, for the last repair, I had dropped off the car for repairs near my work and rode with a co-worker to work and did some office work for the time being instead of traveling to sites.

In the evening, my co-worker dropped me off at the repair shop to pick up my car. It was the third time that this unforsaken car was being repaired. I proceeded to give my credit card, with a big sigh.

The staff beckoned to me and replied that my credit had reached the limit. I did not know what to do. I had no other means of payment.

I was an hour away from my sister's place and she was still out of town on business. I did not know anyone who lived nearby who could drive me home.

I silently sat down, feeling helpless. I prayed, with tears slowly flowing from my eyes.

To make matters worse, I did not have a car insurance as my company was in Maryland while my sister's place was in Virginia. My company, a non-profit private enterprise, did not accept out of state insurance.

After ten minutes, of all sudden, the staff again beckoned me. She said that my credit card company called back and decided to extend my credit limit. Vastly relieved, I took the car home.

Finally, after some decision a month later, this car was hauled to junkyard and I leased a 1995 Mazda Protege, again stick-shift. It was my first time having a brand-new car.

To be continued....