Friday, March 14, 2008

Junk food is a surefire cure for our health

At my public high school in my time, there were about 15 deaf/hoh students. A hoh girl named Lara and I were good friends. There was another hoh girl, whom I will name Janie, had a learning disability. She was a quiet and sweet girl.

Almost daily at lunch time in the school cafeteria, most of us deaf/hoh students would sit together.

One day, after eating lunch, I suddenly felt in the mood for some donuts. After buying two Krispy Kreme donuts, I couldn't wait to devour them.

I was sitting at one end of the table, while Lara sat two seats away and Janie on the other end of the table, with other students sitting in between.

A guy next to me was savoring his popsicle and I was about to eagerly tear open the donut package when of all sudden I saw my donut and the popsicle flying into the air!

Confused and dazed, I looked around. Lara apparently had hit the guy and me, to get our FAST attention.

Lara quickly pointed at Janie. I looked at the chair that she was sitting but it was empty. Puzzled, I scanned around for Janie.

Suddenly, I found her, next to the table, on the floor.... having an epileptic seizure!

Panicked, I froze. I had never seen anything like that in my whole life.

Lara beseeched me and the guy next to me to help but of to no avail. I was terrified with absolutely no idea what to do.

Finally, a teacher rushed in to help her. I noticed Janie immediately covering her face while they put her on a wheelchair to the nurse office to recuperate. I sensed she was embarrassed that everyone had witnessed her "problem" and felt bad for her.

Since this incident, I never ate the Krispy Kreme donuts ever again.