Saturday, March 1, 2008

The last car

After the police filed a report for the stolen Nissan Sentra, there was nothing else to do but wait.

It was not until two weeks later when I got a notice from the police department that they had found my car and it was being taken to a junkyard.

Meanwhile, my father gave me his car, Chevy Monte Carlo, after all. Perhaps it was a sign that I should have taken the Monte Carlo.

When I went to see the Nissan at the junkyard, I saw the exterior of the car including the tags were normal. But the interior, the seats looked like they were soiled. Where the ignition was supposed to be, there was big gaping hole.

Of course, all the contents, except my contact lenses, were missing.

Looking at the car, I felt used and violated. I knew somehow that if even though the insurance paid for the car repairs, I could not touch it again.

I had one more month before I moved to another state. The car was not really damaged, hence I gave my insurance company permission to repair my car.

However, something funny happened. The next day, a representative from my insurance company called, saying that when they went to pick up the car to tow to the insurance repair shop, the personalized tags were missing.

I could not believe that someone would actually STEAL tags at a junkyard?!

Heaving a big sigh, even though I only had a month prior to moving to another state, I got new tags at a DMV.

It took about five weeks for the car to complete its repairs, not to mention a paint job which were already paid by the insurance. The whole time I was holding my breath that the car would be ready before 30 days after the move-in date.

Normally, you have 30 days after moving to another state to obtain new state tags. But I had planned to sell the Nissan, yet it had not completed its repairs till AFTER I moved.

Anxiously, I hoped for the best.

As if it was a miracle, a day BEFORE 30 days were up, someone came and bought the Nissan!

What a quite close call.

To this day, I still have my dad's car, Chevy Monte Carlo, the tenth car.