Thursday, May 8, 2008

An Unexpected Interruption

During my three week trip to England at age 17 in 1985, our group of 15 deaf & hearing were later split into two smaller groups. One group went to Devon and the other in which I was in, to York. (Please click on the word trip for more information about the purpose of my trip and how I won the free contest).

I became friends with few of them, especially with the guys named Rusty and Josh. Rusty was quite tall and had boyish looks who sometimes had impulsive behavior. He became somewhat infatuated with me, often pleading me to take off my huge, awkward 80's style glasses that practically covered half of my face, so that he could take photos of my "cute" face, as he called it.

I never had a boyfriend in high school. It would have been pointless anyway since I was forbidden to date until I was in college. I absolutely had no experience, although my heart would beat wildly whenever I saw any cute guys passing by, especially smiling at me.

One afternoon, after our usual tour of York with the group, I went to my room in the hostel to put away my things and then went to Josh's room which was adjacent to mine.

In his room, Josh was talking to Rusty and I eventually joined in the casual conversation.

Suddenly, someone came in the doorway and beckoned to Josh, leaving me and Rusty alone in the room.

With my back to the doorway and leaning towards the bunk bed railing, I chatted amicably with Rusty.

Somehow the topic turned to face features.

Slowly scanning my face, Rusty signed in a slow motion as if murmuring that he thought my lips looked luscious.

Flirting back, I replied, "Why don't you try 'em?"

Rusty looked at my lips for a moment and moved closer.

I also inched nearer to his face.... with our eyes becoming locked into each other.

The deafening (no pun pardoned) silence could have made anyone nervous.

Finally! I am about to get my very first kiss!

Anxious to experience this precious, stolen moment, I put my foot a bit forward when someone suddenly slapped my shoulder.

"I'm back! What are you guys talking about now?", Josh asked cheerfully.