Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A "Weighty" Problem

Five years ago, my then-husband, Atul, arrived to USA from India. After obtaining the appropriate papers and passing the driver's license test, he stood in line, waiting for his turn to have his photo taken for the driver's license.

Crossing my legs and arms on my chest, I sat on the first row, waiting. What seemed to be an eternity finally arrived. The flashing number on the upper red box indicated Atul's number.

The woman at the counter started scanning at his papers and driver's test certificate. Looking up at Atul, she asked what his weight was.

Pondering, with his hand on his chin, for a moment, he replied that he could not remember as it had been a while. And he had lost some weight since coming here from India.

The woman leaned over the counter, trying to second-guess Atul's body frame but said she could not possibly estimate.

At this woman's some comment that I did not catch, Atul pointed at me, to indicate I was his wife.

Gleaning at my sitting posture nearby, the woman then asked Atul, "Can you please ask your wife how much you weigh?"