Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Child's Admonishment

Young children tend to over-generalize things and think in "black and white". Their perspectives and comments on life can be funny at times.

My deaf friend, Katie, has a son, Peter, who is hearing. Katie's hearing parents lived close by that they would visit at least twice a week.

From time to time, Katie taught Peter, who was then 3-1/2, the basic of "rights and wrongs". Peter nodded earnestly as if absorbing all the "do's and don'ts" in his tiny head. He knew how to be a "good boy".

One afternoon, Katie's father was driving when he happened to overlook another car in his path and tried to swerve but instead hit the car. Fortunately, his car was not damaged badly; just few dents here and there.

The next day, he visited Katie at her home and was narrating about "his-fault" accident to Katie's husband who is hearing. Peter was playing in the living room when he overheard the conversation.

Peter walked up to his grandfather, pointed at him, and piped up, "Bad boy!"