Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Child's Hint

There is an old saying that has been around for hundred of years: "Children can be seen, not heard".

On the contrary, children usually have better perspective than adults simply because they have not yet acquired many notions that they learn from school and friends. Their minds are quite simple and focused. Parents can also learn from their children.

A friend of mine, I will call Melinda, recently told me this story about her son.

Melinda is the head of household while her husband is a "house-husband", a new term coined nowadays in lieu of housewife. Previously, she often worked over-time and traveled quite frequently, at least twice a month.

They have a 7-year old son and a 3-year old daughter. They eventually grew used to their mother's frequent absence, knowing that she has to work to bring home the "bacon".

One night, a year ago, Melinda arrived home late and exhausted. Nevertheless, she mustered up the remaining of her energy and tucked her children to bed.

Her son begged her to read a story to him.

Melinda slipped comfortably into the covers with him and started signing the story of a puppy who loved to roam around and sniff new things. Eventually, the puppy got lost, trying to find its mother.

Patiently, Melinda answered her son's questions in the midst of signing the story.

Finally, upon finishing the story, Melinda closed the book and asked her son a question.

"Why do you think the puppy got lost?"

Her son signed innocently, "Because his Mommy had to work all the time".