Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Cardboard hair

Typically, female teenagers tend to spend hours with their makeover, especially hair. Looks are quite important to them.

I was no exception at fifteen. I spent at least two hours each day, just styling and primping my hair! My mother would often bang the door, telling me to hurry up.

My hair was so thick that I had it cut short and layered, yet it still fell over my hair, to my exasperation. The last solution? Hairspray. Cheap brand but strong! As a result, it made my hair like a cardboard. Unfortunately, it caused my hair to brittle, fall off, and create dandruffs at the end of each day.

Nevertheless, I was determined to hold my hair to the layered style from front to the back, as it was the fashion in the 80's. I used hairspray as much as I could that it became quite stiff.

If I dropped something, I would not bend down for fear of my hair messing up; instead I either used my foot or kept my neck still while picking it up.

Hence, my sister came up with a nickname for me: Mr. Stiffneck.